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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nfu Oh - 51

Hi dear readers !

I'm really sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I've been very busy with working days ending very late and work at home ...
To make you forgive me, I have a picture heavy post for you today, and a good new at the end of my message ;)

You already all know this polish who has reached a good place in the most wanted and famous polish ranking, but I think a few new pics won't annoy you :)
So, here we go with Nfu Oh 51 !

No need to introduce this pretty blue-ish purple jelly with loads of reflects changing flakies ... As it's sheer, I topped it over rwo coats of Essence Berlin Story (black)

Depending on the light, it sometimes looks like it only contains classic glitters, but sometimes you can see those red, green, gold flakies which are sooooo wonderful !

I took many pics under different lights, and wasn't able to make a choice, so enjoy :D

This polish is just perfect, I think every polish lover should own a bottle of it :p

Do you like it ?

On to the good new I was talking about, I found a bottle of Gosh Holographic (it's becoming very hard to find here), so I'll add it to the giveaway as I promised :D
You can still enter until may, 22nd by filling the form here :) Good luck !

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