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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finally back ...

Hi dear readers !

Well ... Finally, moving to a self-hosted Wordpress blog was a mistake ...
Wordpress is really a good CMS, and this time I had no issue with my hoster, but I have to be realistic, with my job and working times I don't have time enough to write posts AND assure the maintenance. WP and its plugins need updates, I have to clean the database frm time to time ... No, really, I prefer to concentrate on my pictures and posts, and Blogger does a great job for my blogging needs.

Normally, you won't have to change your bookmarks as I keep my domain name, and you may not see any difference (except for the design)

I have to import the posts I wrote on Wordpress since june (that makes 65 posts) and it seems a bit difficult to do it automatically, I'm waiting for the support to answer me right now ...
The only bad point is I'll lose all the comments since that date, because Intense Debate can move from Blogger to Wordpress, but not in the other way. I'm really sorry about that :(

I hope the change will be okay, and I'll be back tonight for a new polish post :)

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