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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dotted French

Hi dear readers !
I hope your weekend was fine. Mine was a bit busy like the whole week, but it's getting better :)

Today I'll show you a design I made on my nails last month (you'll see snow in the pics, but there's no more now ^^)
It's a classical dotted french mani, I've seen this many times on other blogs but didn't try it ... Now it's done :D

I used Blue my Mind by H&M for the french, and a white polish from H&M's summer pack for the dots.

Easy to make, but hard to get in picture, that blue isn't so flashy in real life :)

Wanna try this ? It's easy :)

Put a base polish. I use a clear nail whitener but you can use any pink or beige french base.
Apply your french in one or two coats, as needed. I used a thin paintbrush 'cause I prefer it to the polish brush, it's too thick for me to make a french line.
Draw a thin line, I used a silver liner from Stripe Rite*.
When the french is well dried, make white dots with a dotting tool.
You can also add a little bow (I used a Peggy Sage sticker) or a Konad design from your choice :)
Add top coat (Catrice Quick Dry High Shine for me) and you're done ! :D

Do you like it ?

*I bought my Stripe Rite liner in a Belgian beauty store some months ago. I paid 13€ (17$) for it, which is a "normal" price in our stores. I just discovered they were sold for around 3€ (4$) at Sally's ! I wanna go to the USA !!! :p

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