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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barry M - Silver Cascade

Hi dear readers !
It's a rare thing to see Barry M polish here on the blog. I like this brand a lot and have some make up from them, especially my beloved Dazzle Dusts, but only three polish. I have to change that :p

Silver Cascade is in reality a cascade of glitters ! It's a very light and clear pink base with tons of silver, red, green and blue small glitters. That's one of the most sparkly polish I have in my stash :p My camera didn't even want to catch it decently ...

I didn't know how opaque it would be, so for my first use I put it over a random black polish (I think it was an Essence :) )
Now you can see how opaque it is with one coat, next time I won't hesitate to use it alone, two coats will look nice :)

Finally I was able to get something a bit more neat with my old cam (still no new pics on the blog, I have a lot of "old" ones to show you before). You can see clearly the different colors of glitters :)

I love a lot that kind of polish, I have a lot of cheap nail polish with that kind of glitters but they don't apply as opaque as this one. Most of them need many coats and don't dry well. So, this one is a must have if you're a glitter lover :D

And if you're affraid of the removal, just use the foil technique I talk about in my routine page, it's easy and goes really faster than classical removal ;)

Do you like it ?

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