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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

China Glaze Hey Sailor !

Hi sweeties !
Let's end these China Glaze Anchors Away swatches with a bright note !
First I want to apologize, I already told you I lost the pics. I don't know what my camera did, it's started to get crazy and I got a new one last weekend - but no new pics for Hey Sailor yet.
So I have iPhone pics for you today, they are not the best even but they are more color realistic than my old cam ! They just look a bit too bright :)

Hey Sailor is a gorgeous and sexy red. I'd call it a pin up red as it reminds me of the kind of polish pin ups were wearing on some old pics :)
I've never wear such a red before, I was a bit afraid 'cause it's really bright. I usually prefer dark reds, but finally this one was nice and I liked it.

The most realistic pic, taken with my new cam
Application is smooth, nothing bad to say about it. And the result is shiny :) Again, I had no chip after 3 day of wear, typing and dish washing. Isn't that great ? 
Well, I read that some people were complaining about this collection chipping fast. I had no problem at all, perhaps it depends on the base I use or my nail nature ? For info, I used Hema Ridge Filler for the first swatches and Orly Ridge Filler for the last ones.

The day I wore it, I tried to paint a flower on a tip. I liked the result, so I decided to draw it again on my nails. It's freehand and for the first time, I need some training (especially on the right hand) ;)
I did the flowers with Essence black tip painter, the dots with a random black polish and a dotting tool, and I filled the flowers with China Glaze Mrs Claus and a small brush. 

Well, what do you think ?
Would you dare to wear such a bright red ? I thought I wouldn't, but I loved it :D

So, we're done with those swatches. Three of them are missing but I'm so satisfied by this collection that I'll surely buy them, at least Below Deck (mauve) and First Mate (blue).
I wasn't expecting a lot from this collection as I thought the shades were pretty basics, but finally they are so pretty, so shiny or cute with their subtle shimmer, I'm totally in love with them. 

What's your opinion on that whole collection ? 

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