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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Geometrical French

Hi dear readers !

It's time for another french manicure ! You know how much I love them, I wish I had a little more time to make more :)
This one was inspired by a friend who has her nails done with gel, and got this design. I really loved it and needed to give it a try ^^


I used China Glaze Tinsel, one of my favorite silver glitter polish <3
The black one is Essence Fatal and the white is a tip painter, from Essence too.

I'm really, really sorry for the cat  hair in those pics ... They stuck on my nails when I used a cuticle oil and I didn't see them until I saw the pics ><

How I did this design ?

First, I used a whitening base (Catrice).
I painted my tips with Tinsel from the tip to the nail bed, with a very small amount of polish on the brush. That make the gradient effect. I wouldn't use this technique with a plain polish, but with glitters it works well and takes less time than classic sponging.
Then I made the triangles; I started with the borders, drawn with a thin nail art brush, then I filled the spaces.
Finally, I drawed some lines with the white tip painter: first the triangle borders, and the middle lines to finish ...

That's all !
The most difficult thing is to draw straight lines with the thin brush. If you really can't make the triangle, you could use some tape to help you drawing them ! I think I'll make my next geometrical design with tape ;)

Thanks for watching and commenting ...

Have a nice day :D

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