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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Born Pretty Story Review: striping tape

Hi dear readers :)

As I told you recently, I started a partnership with Born Pretty Store. They offered me to get some free items and one of the stuff I chose was a glitter striping tape.

My first experiment with striping tape some months ago was not really good, I did not even post the pics here. The tape was a bit stiff and didn't stick enought on the polish base. After only a few hours of wear, the borders started to peel off and I had to remove my manicure.

I was sceptical but I decided to get those from BornPrettyStore anyway and did this manicure with Essence Twins Bella & Edward:

I chose the striping tape in "glitter", which is a holographic pattern, shiny and pretty.
At first try, I was glad to see the tape was flexible, which made it easy to place. It was also easy to remove and replace it in case of error, but I guess striping tapes are fragile and need not to be handled too much.
It was well stuck on my nails and I just had to push the borders a bit with an orange stick before I apply a top coat.
On the third day of wear, one stripe started to remove but I had no other problem until the polish started to chip seriously, then I removed everything before it started to look bad :p (after 4 day of wear)

If you like striping tape or would like to give it a try, I recommand these ones ! You can find them on BornPrettyStore for 1,73$, which is a good deal with BPS free shipping worldwide :)

Now, let's see how to proceed for this nail art:

- Apply a base coat to protect your nails
- Apply one coat of sheer natural pink or beige, or whatever you use for a french manicure. I used Catrice Rock Barock (Urban Baroque LE).
- Put some scotch or Blue Tape diagonally on your nails. I placed it so the polish hides my whole tips.
- Apply one coat of polish (I used Essence Twins Bella) and gently remove the tape immediatly after.
- Allow your colored polish to dry, then apply one piece of striping tape, following the line you made with the scotch tape. Leave a few millimeters of striping tape, I think it's easier to cut it after than to calculate the right lenght.
- Apply another piece of striping tape like if you want to make a french manicure.
- Apply glitter polish, I used Essence Twins Edward.
- If needed, push gently on the ends of the striping tape to make them stick strongly
- Apply top coat, you're done :)

Do you like it ?

Have a nice day :)

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