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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink Wednesday: China Glaze Traffic Jam & Tape Manicure

Hi sweeties :)

I've been waiting so long for the China Glaze Metro collection ! Now I have it, the first I wanted to try was Traffic Jam. This one really catched my attention in the promo pics and first swatches !
Traffic Jam is a gorgeous raspberry pink creme. Not a so unique color, but the formula is great and it has a nice glossy look. It almost reached my top ten favourite colors!
Here's the beauty, in the shadow and in direct sunlight:

I noticed something special about Traffic Jam: the color seems to change depending on the light you have ! It almost turned purple under my daylight lamp, as below. And it's not a change from my camera, that's what I see in real life under neon and daylight lamps ^^ (If you saw my quick iPhone pic on Facebook, you'll see that my pinky hasn't the same color, that's Traffic Jam special effect ;) )
I tried some tape manicure over it, following the Mummy Manicure tutorial from Nailside and using another Metro, Urban Night (Can't wait to try it as a full mani!). It didn't really turn like hers, some nails look more like a straight zebra thing, but I like it a lot ! I can't decide to pull it off ... But I still want to get the mummy look like Jane did, so I have to try again :p (the pics below were taken in the lightbox, there's no sun anymore here, sorry for the purple-ish Traffic Jam)

What's your advice ? Do you like that color, and the design I made on it ?
Do you plan on getting some Metro polish ? :)

That's all for today, but before I leave, I wanted to tell you that I'm back on Twitter ! At least, I try, Twitter always looked so strange to me ... If you want to follow me, I'm there: http://twitter.com/Sugar_Nails

Have a nice day ^^

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