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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black

Hi dear readers !

Not so long ago, I ordered almost every "Chunky Holo" polish from Kleancolor ! These are opalescent glitters suspended in a colored sheer base. The most impressive of them all is for sure Chunky Holo Black, which also contains big hexagonal opal glitter (instead od only small ones).

The base is a very sheer black, so the best is to use it over black, or another color. In this case, the color will be a bit darkened, like smoked, but not too much.

Here's how it looked over my last manicure, Misa Toxic Seduction:

Wow ... This polish is absolutely crazy ! I love the reflects on the third pic ... I cound't stop to stare at my nails under different lights when i wore it :)

I also think that Misa Toxic Seduction with Chunky Holo Black on it looked even more toxic, like a dirty dark green ... I liked that a lot :) But I still need to try Chunky Holo Black over other colors, especially purple :)

If you want to know where to find Kleancolor polish, I bought mine on BeautyJoint, where they only cost 1.75$ :)
They have a great range of classic and metallic colors, stunning glitters in all shapes and styles, some pretty scattered holos, and of course the Chunky Holo series.

Beyond the price and the magical colors is a flaw ... They smell terribly bad, if you ever tried acrylic nails, it's something like that ... If you're sensitive to strong scents, then you might want to wear a mask to use them. And they take years to dry. Even with Seche Vite, you have to be careful for a moment before it dries.
But believe me, it's worth it :)

Do you like it ? Have you also tried some Kleancolor shades ?

Have a nice day ^^

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