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Saturday, February 4, 2012

January Collage

Hi dear readers !

I hope you're fine :)
As we thought there wouldn't be a real winter here in Belgium this year, is started to get really cold this week and yesterday we had a lot of snow ... It took me almost 3 hours to drive 50 km ... Now I hope it will melt before I got back to work. Snow is beautiful, but it's soooo annoying to drive in it !

I started to see those pretty little collages on a few blogs lately, and I really loved the idea, so I decided to start mine, too :)
Here's the collage for last month ... I hope you'll like it ^^

If you want to get yours, just go to http://www.shapecollage.com and chose the Online version in the products ... They also have an iPhone app and a Facebook version.

For iPhone freaks like me, I also discovered a nice app called My365 which allows you to post daily pictures and keep a record for each day in the year ... I love the idea and the app is cute :) You'll see some notd's of course, and random pictures of my cats, hauls, travels ... My username there is Gwenn.

Stay tuned, I'll come back later with some nail polish :) 

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