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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

China Glaze Foie Gras & Layering

Hi dear readers !

Well, this will be my last "live post" for a while, probably one week or two (hopefully less), as I'm getting an eye surgery on friday. I've been wearing glasses since I'm 8, so that's 24 years with those awful things I've always hated on my nose, and I decided that it was time to give laser surgery a chance !:D
I will get a PRK, that's why I know I won't be able to go on the computer for a few days. That kind of laser heals slowly than the Lasik technique, but my cornea is too thin for Lasik.

I wanted to plan posts for my absence but I've been really busy lately and i didn't have time for that yet. I really hope that tomorrow I'll be able to prepare some pics and posts for you :)
From tomorrow, every post you see will be a scheduled one and I won't be able to reply to your comments next week, but be sure I'll read and enjoy them all as soon as my eyes recover :)

On to today's polish, China Glaze sent me two polish from their Hunger Games collection to review. I had Foie Gras and Riveting. Those are colors i wouldn't have bought as they are not what I usually wear, but they are very pretty in person and I'm glad I had a chance to try them !

Foie Gras is a pretty dark taupe with a hint of purple. It's like a kind of mix between Below Deck and Street Chic, it looks a bit like them without being a dupe. I was disappointed with the application, it was thicker than I expected, but finally there was no problem, no bubbles or strokes and the drying time was okay.

As it has been swatched many times by people who make better swatches than mines, I'll show you it with an extra bling :)

I made the accent nail with OPI Dim Sum Plum and layered one coat of Nubar/The Painted Nail Moon Drops, then added one coat of Seche Vite as usual.

I love how it turned, what's your advice ?

I made a quick comparison of Foie Gras, Below Deck and Street Chic a while ago with my phone camera. It's not a good picture and the colors are not realistic but you will see how the tints are different:
Foie Gras, Street Chic, Below Deck
What do you think ? Which of the Capitol Colors will find their way to your home ?

Have a nice day :)

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