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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Essence The dawn is Broken with foils

Hi dear readers :)

A while ago, I wanted to try foils and I chose to get some from Jenny Sells Foils on Ebay. I read a lot of advices on her shop and as she has a great choice, I decided to start from there.

My first experiment was a bit hard. I applied the foils one hour after the polish so it was dry, but not enough to have foils put on it. Of course, I didn't know that and my designs became a bit messy :/

  As you can see the designs didn't look very neat. They look a bit better on the ring nail because I totally failed that one so I removed all the polish on that nail, added two coats of base polsih but added the foil only the next day.

So that's what actually works for me ! Next time I play with foils, I'll add them on the next day so they won't apply strangely like they did.

It's not too bad for a first time, but I have to improve that technique, I'm sure I could have a lot of fun with it :)

Have you experienced foils ? How did they came at your first time ?

Here are bonus pics, that's Essence - The Dawn is Broken on it's own.It's a pretty light gray with a dark shimmer, very pretty but not what I'm used to wear.
It was a part of the Vampire Love collection.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for visiting and commenting :)

Have a nice day ^^

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