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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Born Pretty Store Magnetic Polish Review

Hi dear readers !

First, I'd like to ask you a little something ... I entered Bundle Monster's Stamping Contest and need your votes !
I submitted a design I made last month with one of their plates, the purple and white gradient which had a lot of nice comments from you.

So, if you like it and want to give me some help, please visit this page and vote for me :) Thank you for your support !

On to today's polish ! Kevin from Born Pretty Store offered me to try and review one of their recent magnetic polish. As I like this trend a lot, I didn't hesitate and said yes !

I obviously chosed a purple shade, which is referenced as L001 on their site. As I have other brands and magnets, I wanted to try different magnets on that polish. Let's see the pics first, then I'll tell you why I loved it !

Isn't it pretty ? Once you use the magnet on this dark purple polish, you can see a peachy pink pattern appearing. I love the contrast between the two shades you get. 

BPS Magnetic polishes are sold with a magnet. Using them is simple, I did one coat on all the nails as usual, than I added a second coat and applied the magnet after each nail. 
You have to put the magnet 2-3 millimeters away from the wet nail and wait for 10 seconds, then you'll see the pattern appear. It's really easy, the only difficulty is not to touch the polish with the magnet.

Here's the detail of the magnets I used:
There's not a big difference between the BPS magnet and the others, which means it's strong enough to create a beautiful contrast. I have a magnet from Essence which isn't strong at all and disappointed me a lot ! 

BPS Magnet comes as a plastic stick with the magnet at the end of it. It's simple and easy to use. 
The Flormar Magnet is curved to follow the natural shape of the nails and closed in a plastic tip. It's the strongest I have and my fave to use. The only problem is that you can't see if you are touching the wet polish because of the curve.
Claire's Magnet is my fave, because it has a wavy pattern. I was craving for Icing Magnetix polishes because of that pattern, I got the Claire's one in a swap, and it appeared to be the same color and magnet than Icing's, yay ! It has two little tips near the magnet that helps you to switch the design in the direction you want, and above all, it helps to maintain the magnet at the good distance.
Last is Kiko Magnet, it comes as a simple rectangular plate which is a bit difficult to hold correctly as it's small. It's like the BPS magnet without the stick !

So, the magnet from Born Pretty Store is strong and handy enough to be recommended :)
If you are bored by the diagonal lines pattern, you can buy magnets individually. They have straight lines, chevron, star and cross patterns to chose from (but you'll always get the diagonal lines when buying a polish)

The only thing I liked less is the drying time, it took a bit long to dry but I fixed it with a coat of Seche Vite, which didn't ruin the patterns as you can see in my pics. 
Oh, it also has a chemical scent, but it's not too strong and it didn't bother me (it's nothing compared to Kleancolor scent).

You can buy Magnetic Polish from Born Pretty Store for 6.38$, and get additional magnets for 2.03$. You can also get a 10% off discount by using my code, AYUUMIK31 !

All their Magnetic Polish range can be found here:

What do you think of the magnetic polish trend ? Did you jump on it ? 

Have a nice day :)

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