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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dandy Nails Come Out and Play: Awesomesauce !

Hi dear readers !

I'm very glad to show you my very first Etsy polish today ! I easily fell in love with Dandy Nails's polishes, she makes some awesome mixes ! And I exchanged a few mails with her, she's a very nice person.

I got no less than five polishes when I placed an order with her last month. The first that appealed me on her Etsy page was Come Out and Play, so I obviously tried this one first !
I just have to warn you that my pics are not color-realistic, as my cam has always hated purples, and we have no sun here (or it's already down when I get back home) so I have no choice but taking pics in a lightbox.
You can still appreciate the texture and finish from my pics, but note that COAP has much less blue in real life. It's more like a dark fuchsia with a hint of blue.

COAP is a jelly-like polish with white glitters in it. The first coat was a bit messy with some bald spots, but the second coat made it smooth and totally opaque ! And the jelly look makes the glitter appear like some kind of glitter sandwich.
Isn't it soooo awesome ? I'm totally in love with that polish ! Sandy did such a great job on it :)

There one more reason why I love that polish: it's name ! It reminds me of good souvenirs, I was 15 when The Offspring released that song and I loved what they did in the 90's a lot (and I had a secret crush on Dexter Holland, but don't tell this anyone please!)

If you're interested in Dandy Nails polishes, scheck her Etsy shop, it will re-open on may 7th ! But be fast, they sell very quickly :)

And if you're curious about her other colors, come back Friday to see my swatches of Wingless :)

I hope you liked it !

Have a nice day :)

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