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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Best of You: enter my interviews !

Hi dear readers !

No polish today, but I'll need a little attention from you, my fellow readers !

This August, I'll be on holiday for two weeks. During that time, I don't want to leave my blog (and you) all alone, so there will be guest posts all along.

I'd also like to make some quick interviews with you, and let you show "the best of you", your favorite/best manicure from all time, the manicure that makes you proud when you think of it.

If you wish to particpate, it's easy, just answer the  quick questions listed below, and send me a mail with your answers and at least one picture of the manicure that you are proud of. It can be shown on nails or fake nails or wheel, but it has to be your work. If it was inpired by someone else, please mention it.
You don't have to have a blog to enter.
If you are a guest blogger for me in august, you can still participate here.

Form is closed, thanks to all of you who sent me their answers and pics !

Here are the questions !

1. Where are you from ?
2. When did your love for polish started, and how ?
3. How many polish do you own ?
4. Who or what inspires you ?
5. What are your favorite nail polish blogs ?
6. Do you have a blog ? Please provide it's url
7. What is your favorite part in blogging ? If you don't have a blog, what stops you from making your own ?
8. Funny and non-polish related question, are you a cat or a dog person ? :D
Finally, show us your best manicure work !

I hope you'll enter this special post series, and you'll like it :)

Have a nice day :)

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