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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Flormar N003 & U27

Hi dear readers !

I made some minor changes today ! Now you can subscribe to my blog with Bloglovin by clicking the image right under my GFC widget :) I don't know why I waited so long to add it, I'm too used to Google Reader ... If you want another way to subscribe, feel free to suggest it :)

Second little change is you can now contact me by email for anything by using this address: gwenn @ sugar-nails . com

And finally, due to the latest events, I changed my watermark. It won't be a big change for you, it's more visible and shows the blog URL rather than the blog's name. I don't want to put a big text in the middle of my pics, so I hope this will be enough ! You'll see the new watermark on today's pics but I still have older pics that are not edited ;)

On to the polish, as you know I bought  a lot of Flormar polish during my trip in Spain (in fact, I got 15 of them at once, lol). I wated to try some pinks especially for this wednesday :)
Flormar has really a nice range of shades. When you enter the shop, it's hard to decide which to take :) The Miracle Supershine range is the most impressive range, with very shiny finishes and duochrome shades. The Neon range also appealed me, but I decided I had all those colors in other brands and only took one of them, called N003 (Flormar polish don't have cute little names ... Only numbers :( )
N003 is a warm pink, and it's ... not neon at all :p It's bright, and still pretty, but nothing neon in here. If you're looking for a real, bright neon with the usual satin finish, please avoid the Flormar Neon range. But if you want pretty bright creme shades, you can go for them :)

 I wanted to try Flormar U27 (from the Miracle Supershine range), a sheer bright pink with a glass fleck finish. I layered it over N003, and here's how it turned:

 Sorry for the tip wear ... It's hard to keep nails well painted when typing all day :)
I loved U27. It's very pretty and shines a lot, as you'll see in the sunlight pics below :)

And finally, on the third day, I wanted to add some Konad and used a design from m63 plate, stamped in black. I might have been inspired by this post from All You Desire because I wanted to make it matte. I used one coat of China Glaze Matte Magic and here it is !

I prefer AYD's version with a darker base, but I still like it. I really wonder why I don't use my matte top coats more often !

That's all for today, I'm sorry I babble a lot today :p

I hope you liked these polish ...
Have a nice day :D

Flormar polish are available in many countries (but sadly not Belgium, France or the USA), check here if you have a local retailer ! (I even found a shop in the Sants train station in Barcelona)
You can also find them online here: http://www.flormar.co.uk/ 

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