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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tape manicure: Gradient Stripes

Hi dear readers :)

How is your weekend ? Mine is great, we have some sun and nice weather for the first time since the middle of august ! I went to an animal park in Belgium with my husband and we tried the fish pedicure, which was a lot of fun :p
I can't say the effects are miraculous, we didn't stay long enough with the fishies, but I want to do it again, it's relaxing and leaves a soft effect to the feet :)

You'll undesrtand that after spending the whole day walking, I'm a bit tired, so today's post will be short. This is another attemps to the tape manicure, this time I made a simple design: stripes with a purple gradient ^^
It's still not perfect, especially the black part but I really think I shouldn't use that black for stripe manis, it's too thick and runny at the same time and it doesn't make perfect lines. I had no problem with the other colors.

I only used Essence polish for that manicure. Not that they work best or something, but in the shop they were in line, already shown as a gradient of purple, and I knew I wanted them to try that manicure :p
From light shade to black, I used Dress for a Moment (which I'll swatch here on monday), No More DramaBreak Through and finally Berlin Story.

Making this gradient tape mani is simple but a bit long. If you want to give it a try, be sure to have a very quick drying top coat like Seche Vite or Poshe, it will be useful !

Paint your nails with the lightest shade, add the top coat, wait for it to be dry completely. Put the tape on the first quarter of the nail, paint the visible part with the second shade, remove the tape and add another coat of quick drying top coat. Do this until you have all the stripes you want, just move the tape pieces like you want to make larger or smaller stripes.

Once again, I was inspired by some of Chloe's wonderful tape manicures :)

Do you like it ?

All the purple Essence shades above are part of their Colour & Go line and haven't been discontinued yet (as Essence discons some of their shades a few times in a year to bring new stuff). They're available in some European drugstores, depending on the country you live in. 
I have a good new for non-European nail fanatics, if you didn't know it yet, Essence Colour & Go shades are available at Ulta online store for 0.99$ ! 
Essence Berlin Story is a part of the I Love Berlin LE which isn't available, but well, it's black creme. Any black polish will fit :p 

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