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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OPI Black Spotted

Hi dear readers !

So today I have a polish that made a lot of noise these last days on nails blogs and Facebook groups ! OPI Black Spotted is a brand new special effect top coat, like crackle top coats, and it's a part of the Spiderman collection. The problem with it ? It's sold exclusively in France !

Thanks to the sweet french blogger Mimie Crystal, I was able to get my own bottle. But I still think it's a shame that it's only sold in France, it could have been at least an European limited edition, like there are some limited editions in the USA ... I live right next to France and it's impossible for me to get my hands on it by myself, unless I travel 200 kilometers to the nearest Sephora ... We have official OPI retailers in Belgium but they never heard about it.
I really hope they will sell it worldwide soon, or that other brands do their own "spotted" polish.

Well, enough for the rant, here's the beauty !

This top coat works just like crackle polishes. You have to apply a (very thin) coat on your (totally) dry manicure, and you'll see the spots appear after a few seconds.

It's really more easy to use than crackles actually, the texture is very liquid, a bit oily, and the spots appear almost immediatly. The only attention point is you have to do really thin coats to get a pretty effect. I did a too thick coat on my index, you can see I have almost no spot on it.
The technique is to wipe the brush really well on the bottle.
You also have to use ot over a totally dry manicure or it will create crackles. I used Seche Vite and waited 20 minutes before I applied Black Spotted.
Finally, it dries quick on itself so you don't need a quick dry top coat. If you still want to use one, note that it will probably peel on the next day.

You can see a video of the application here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbXd9EkaE4c
It's all in french but the images are enough ;) You can push the video to 1:25 to see how it applies.

Before I forgot, I tried it here over some neons, I used Island Girl Royal Hawaiian on all nails and China Glaze Flying Dragon for the accent. I love Island Girl neons, they apply so well !

What do you think ? I like this even better than crackles ! I hope we'll have more colors, and also that it will be available worldwide one day :) (also because OPI in europe cost 13-14€/17$ and I hate buying them here ... OPI are cheaper if I get them from the USA, even with the shipping)

Have a nice day :)

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