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Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Hi dear readers !

I hope you're fine ! My week is going to be very calm and I'll have more free time to read your blogs and prepare stuff for my own as I took one week off work to rest :) I'm not going anywhere, I'll just stay at home and enjoy that week with my bf and the kitties! The real holiday will be in august ;)

On to today's post ! Again, Kevin from Born Pretty Store asked me if I'd like to review some thing from their great shop. This time I chose to review water decals, as it's a something I like a lot (but use to rarely imo haha)
They have a large choice of water decals, from flowers and lace to cute characters like Hello Kitty, Snoopy ... Everyone should find something they like.

I got the Flowers and Butterflies patterns, I've always loved that sweet and cute style. I got a sheet of no less than 133 decals, which makes a lot for the price: 2.99$, free shipping.
There are silver butterflies in different styles, flowers and very pretty arabesques. Here's a view of the whole thing:
Water decals are very easy to use. There are instructions on the back of the pack, but I think they have been translated from Chinese with something like Google Translator, and some sentences are funny or have no sense.
If you never used water decals before, here are the instructions:

- Paint your nails with the desired color and let dry
- Cut the desired pattern from the water decals sheet and soak it into room temperature water for 20 seconds
- Remove carefully the water decal from the paper with tweezers and place it on the nail. As long as it is wet, you'll be able to move the decal until you find the look that you want
- Tap a paper towel gently on the nail until it's fully dry. At this moment, the decal will be stuck on the nail and won't move anymore
- Finish with top coat of your choice

That's all ! It takes a little longer than simple stickers to apply but the result is much better, the water decals look like they are inlaid in the polish, there are no clear borders, neither thickness as with stickers. Here's the result:

The last pic is overexposed but it shows the patterns better. I used two arabesques and two butterflies.

To get this result, I first painted my nails with two coats of Essence Hang Loose, then sponged with OPI Done Out in Deco. Then I applied the decals as explained before, and sealed with one coat of Seche Vite.

I love how the water decals looked, they have a foil finish and are very shiny. And they were more than easy to apply, I tried other brands that were sometimes hard to place on nails but these were simply perfect.

You can get these on Born Pretty Store for 2.99$, and other patterns are from 2.99$ to 4.73$. Click here to see all their water decals.
Shipping is always free*. Don't forget to use my code AYUUMIK31to get 10% off your order :)

*you can add a 3$ fee to your order to get an insurance with a tracking number, but it's optional.

Do you like it ? Have you ever tried water decals from BPS or another brand ?

Have a nice day :)

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