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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Essence Fashion Nail Stickers - Berlin Calling

Hi dear readers !

As I promised you, here's a review for Essence Fasion Nail Stickers ! I chose them in 02. Berlin Calling from the current I Love Berlin LE. Well, to be honest, the design didn't appeal me really. It's a black base with "I love Berlin" written in a bold gray font. Not that I don't like this city, but I never visited it, so  can't say :p
Anyway, except curious people and friends who know your love for nail design, who will read that, seriously ? :p
These came in a thin box containing 14 stickers in 7 different sizes. The most difficult step is to find yours :p
It was easy for me, the biggest matched my thumb, and the smallest matched my pinky. Then I had to play a little to find the best combo. You don't have to follow the sizes of the stickers from your thumb to your pinky; for example, the second smallest stickers matched my index !

Application is easy but you'll need a little time to center the stickers. Then comes an important thing !
I saw many girls who tried those and complained about many folds. I almost didn't have this issue, so here's how I did: I apply the stickers next to the cuticle, center it, then press it from left to right and back, from the cuticle to the tip, with a  rotating move like a massage. I think the folding problems come mainly from the size of the stickers on your nails, but if my tip can help, I'll be happy ^^

Finally, you just have to file what exceeds, the sticker will torn following your nail tip.
Let's go to the result !

As you can see, filing the stickers makes the color on it go, with that black design it's very unpretty :(
I think it can be OK with stickers that have a white or very clear base, but for darker shades you'll need to cover the borders with a similar polish shade to hide it.

The pic above shows the stickers with a very thin black polish border on tips, and top coat over all. Isn't it way better ? :p

This is to show you the little size problem I had with my thumb. It's base is square shaped, and all the stickers are round shaped, so there's a big blank between the cuticles and the sticker. That's not really ugly, but I think it made my thumb look like wearing a low quality falsie :p
I also had a size problem on my both middle fingers, I didn't find any right size, all were too large. I just cut a little and it was okay, but if you look closer you'll see an irregularity :)

Essence promises that the stickers last 5 days. The pic above shows my nails after the second day of wear including showers, typing work, some housekeeping (but nothing with water)
You can see some rests of the black polish but everything is almost gone, and the color of the stickers is chipping on the tips. At this point, the rest of the stickers is in a good state and they didn't start to peel off.

This is day 3, I didn't work that day but took showers and did some cleaning at home. The black on the thumb and index is even more gone, and some begin to peel off (especially the index and the sides of other stickers)

And this is when I decided to remove them ^^
Removal bothered me a bit, the center was still well stuck on my nails and I didn't like that feeling at all, it was like if I was pulling my nails ><
So I waited for the time to take a bath and let my nails soak in warm water before removng all. It was more easy then.

I forgot to mention that I used a base before applying the stickers. I used a ridge filler because I wanted my nails to be smooth so the stickers would adhere well, and I'm glad I did 'cause id avoided to peel the surface of my nails during the removal ! So, you SHOULD use a base coat with these, ridge filler or not :p

And to close this review, here are my thought about Essence Fashion Nail Stickers:
- designs are pretty with a good quality, but the color at the ends chips easilly
- easy to put on, no drying time except for that small polish line you'll use to hide the filing result
- a bit hard to peel off, too bad for sensitive nails
- doesn't stay 5 days as it is supposed to do

I think these are perfect for a one day event, a party, but definitely not to wear during the week instead of polishing your nails.
It's also good if you want an original design and can't do it by yourself, and/or can't go to a pro stylist.
I'll wear these again for sure, as they only cost 1,59€ (about 2$), which is not too much for a special manicure ;)

How do you feel about these stickers ? Have you tried them yet ?

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