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Friday, March 30, 2012

Pink Stamping with Red Angel plates

Hi dear readers :)

Here's a simple stamping I made last week. I've always loved the tone on tone stamping combos. It's subtle and sometimes you don't notice the design until you take a closer look, but that kind of stamping is always elegant imo :)

Now I have my beloved Red Angel plates and a part of the Foiled collection by Color Club, here's what I did:

Sorry for the cat hair ... I never seem to notice them until I edit my pics :(

I used Essence Let me in Pink for the base, than stamped the curves using Color Club Hot Like Lava and Red Angel plate 106, and of course added one coat of Seche Vite.

I liked that combo ... Do you like it, too ?

Have a nice day :)

* This is a scheduled post. I'll reply to your comments as soon as possible. Thank you :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

China Glaze Foie Gras & Layering

Hi dear readers !

Well, this will be my last "live post" for a while, probably one week or two (hopefully less), as I'm getting an eye surgery on friday. I've been wearing glasses since I'm 8, so that's 24 years with those awful things I've always hated on my nose, and I decided that it was time to give laser surgery a chance !:D
I will get a PRK, that's why I know I won't be able to go on the computer for a few days. That kind of laser heals slowly than the Lasik technique, but my cornea is too thin for Lasik.

I wanted to plan posts for my absence but I've been really busy lately and i didn't have time for that yet. I really hope that tomorrow I'll be able to prepare some pics and posts for you :)
From tomorrow, every post you see will be a scheduled one and I won't be able to reply to your comments next week, but be sure I'll read and enjoy them all as soon as my eyes recover :)

On to today's polish, China Glaze sent me two polish from their Hunger Games collection to review. I had Foie Gras and Riveting. Those are colors i wouldn't have bought as they are not what I usually wear, but they are very pretty in person and I'm glad I had a chance to try them !

Foie Gras is a pretty dark taupe with a hint of purple. It's like a kind of mix between Below Deck and Street Chic, it looks a bit like them without being a dupe. I was disappointed with the application, it was thicker than I expected, but finally there was no problem, no bubbles or strokes and the drying time was okay.

As it has been swatched many times by people who make better swatches than mines, I'll show you it with an extra bling :)

I made the accent nail with OPI Dim Sum Plum and layered one coat of Nubar/The Painted Nail Moon Drops, then added one coat of Seche Vite as usual.

I love how it turned, what's your advice ?

I made a quick comparison of Foie Gras, Below Deck and Street Chic a while ago with my phone camera. It's not a good picture and the colors are not realistic but you will see how the tints are different:
Foie Gras, Street Chic, Below Deck
What do you think ? Which of the Capitol Colors will find their way to your home ?

Have a nice day :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge: Black & White

Hi dear readers !

Here's my stamping for last week's challenge on Adventures in Stamping !
The theme whas Black & White and I must admit I wasn't very inspired this time ... I voted for the "straight lines" challenge as I had an idea for it ! But yesterday, I wanted to try something with a design from Bundle Monster plate bm203 and I'm glad I did, I love the result :)

I used Essence Black Out for the base. I wanted to use it especially for the satin finish (what they call soft touch on their sticker), but finally I didn't like the satin look with the stamp on it, so I added one coat of Seche Vite, and I prefer it this way :)

Anyway, Black Out on his own is very pretty if you love the not-really-matte look.

I used bm203 and Konad special polish in white for the stamping.

I bought my white Konad polish 10 years ago and it's still perfect, and I never had to use thinner for it, can you believe it ? Compared to it, my 2 years old black Konad imitation is almost dead, it became too thick to do anything with it and I messed my recent black stampings ...
So, you can go with a classic polishes or imitations, but Konad shades are really worth it :)

I hope you like today's post :)

Have a nice day ^^

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kiko Purple Magnetic Polish

Hi dear readers !

Wow, it seems you loved my previous manicure, thank you for all your nice comments :) I'll take time to answer you this weekend ;)

Today i have something more simple to show you.  I finally got into the magnetic polish trend. Well, in fact, I have the Essence magnetics collection since Christmas 2010 when it was available, I tried them on but never took time to swatch them. I guess that happens when you have too much polish :s

I was in France a few weeks ago and didn't resist to get some of the new Kiko collections: magnetics and crackles. Let's start with my favorite shade, the purple magnetic :)

This color is lovely ! I actually like it a lot. I love when the magnet creates two very distinctive shades, and that's the case with this Kiko !
The application is smooth but i was disappointed by the drying time, as the Essence Magnetics dry very fast. These are a little low to dry, I waited 10 minutes then applied one coat of Seche Vite.

I think a little time is necessary to get used to those polishes and the way you have to apply the magnet, as you can see I messed up the index finger, and even if the ring and pinkie look good, the middle finger is better than the others imo :)

I only regret that Kiko only offers a magnet with straight lines. I totally love the wavy magnets but all of the European brands I have only come with a straight lines magnet. But I hope I'll manage to get a wavy pattern like the Nails Inc or Icing ones :)

So, what do you think ? Do you like that color ?
What are your thoughts about the magnetic polish trend ?

Thanks for looking and commenting :)

Have a nice day ^^

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leopard nails

Hi dear readers !

In more than two years of nail art addiction and blogging, I had never made a leopard print before. No Konad, neither handmade ... Can you believe it ? I mean, there are so much possibilities of color, combos for that print and I never tried it ...

It was time for a change, and here's what I did :)

I love how it turned ! What are your thoughts about it ?

I used Essence Maybe I'm Amazed as the base, topped it with Essence Feels So Good (both from the Re-Mix Your Style collection), then stamped using Bundle Monster plates BM221 and black Konad polish.
I added a bling by filling some of the spots with China Glaze OMG, using a dotting tool.

Now I'd like to do more leopard prints, with many other colors haha :)

I hope you liked it ! Thanks for visiting :)

Have a nice day !

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge: Large Flowers

Hi dear readers !

It has become usual on mondays, here's my stamping for yesterday's challenge on Adventures in Stamping !

This week's theme was large flowers. As I just had the Red Angel plates, thanks to another Facebook group filled with fabulous women, The Swapaholics, I absolutely needed to try one of my faves designs from those plates, the pretty flower/foliage from RA119 !

I stamped it in black over one of my newest beauties, the wonderful A-England Princess Tears.
I'm not so glad with the result, some spots were missing and I didn't center it well on all nails, but I still want to show you.

I have to get used to those new plates, the designs seem to be deeper than on Konad or Bundle Monster (at least on that plate).

Princess Tears is a true wonder. I'd call it a duochrome holigraphic, as it has both effects ! It's hard to capture  but trust me, it's real :D
Depending on the light and the position of your nails, you can see it as a color shifting from gray to lilac, or like a pretty scattered holo. The holo effect is stronger than on my pics.
It's really a unique shade, I don't have anything like that in my stash and it's a must have imo :)

I also have Saint Georges and Dragon from that collection and let me tell you that everything you read about them is true, these are real wonders ... It was hard to believe for me until i tried them on :)

Do you like it ? Have you ever tried any of the A-England shades ?

Have a nice day :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Essence The dawn is Broken with foils

Hi dear readers :)

A while ago, I wanted to try foils and I chose to get some from Jenny Sells Foils on Ebay. I read a lot of advices on her shop and as she has a great choice, I decided to start from there.

My first experiment was a bit hard. I applied the foils one hour after the polish so it was dry, but not enough to have foils put on it. Of course, I didn't know that and my designs became a bit messy :/

  As you can see the designs didn't look very neat. They look a bit better on the ring nail because I totally failed that one so I removed all the polish on that nail, added two coats of base polsih but added the foil only the next day.

So that's what actually works for me ! Next time I play with foils, I'll add them on the next day so they won't apply strangely like they did.

It's not too bad for a first time, but I have to improve that technique, I'm sure I could have a lot of fun with it :)

Have you experienced foils ? How did they came at your first time ?

Here are bonus pics, that's Essence - The Dawn is Broken on it's own.It's a pretty light gray with a dark shimmer, very pretty but not what I'm used to wear.
It was a part of the Vampire Love collection.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for visiting and commenting :)

Have a nice day ^^

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge: Circles !

Hi dear readers !

I hope you had a nice weekend :)
Last week's challenge on Adventures in stamping was to create a manicure with circles. I did it simple, but so blingy !

I used two coats of Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy for the base. This polish is totally crazy ! It's made of tons of slightly purple tinted holographic glitters. I don't have anything like that in my stash, when you look at it in the shadow, it has a light purple shade instead of the silver that kind of polish usually shows.

Then I top-coated it with Seche Vite to create a smooth base for stamping and stamped with plate M65 and Konad black polish. And ended by one coat of SV again :)

The plate used here isn't real Konad, it's from BornprettyStore but it has the same designs and a good quality. My stamp isn't perfect because I did it too fast, but with more concentration I could have made it look better :)

What do you think of this look ?

Friday, March 9, 2012

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Hi dear readers !

The week is finally over ! Today's post will be quick and short, I'm so tired, I really need to rest :)

I'll show you a classic beauty i don't have to introduce you anymore: China Glaze Ruby Pumps. That was the first time i wore it as a full manicure, and I still wonder why I didn't wear it sooner :)

See that red glitter beauty ? It's perfection in a bottle. I love everything in that polish, from the dreamy application to the gorgeous final look.
The removal needed the foil technique to remove those sticky glitters, but it didn't stain (which happens mostly with reds on me)

That polish is really a mus have in every polish lover stash - unless you really hate red lol :)

What's your advice ? Let me know :)

Have a nice weekend :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beyu 325 & Stars

Hi dear readers :)

I recently subscribe on the US version of Hellocoton ! I've been on the french version for a while, but I recently discovered there was an international website, so here I am ... If you want to follow me there, here's my page:

Here's a manicure I did a few weeks ago, when my interest for stamping came back suddenly :)
I used one of my favorite designs: stars from Bundle Monster plate BM20 ! It's really a simple design but I love star patterns a LOT ! :D

I used two coats of BeYu 325 for the base. "325" is a pretty dark gray with a teal shimmer. I didn't swatch it alone but believe me, it's gorgeous on it's own :)
I stamped the stars from BM20 with China Glaze Adore, and did an accent nail with my one and only Butter London polish, Henley Regatta, which is a beautiful polish made of blue and turquoise thin but dense glitters suspended in a clear base.

That was my first experience with Butter London and I loved it a lot ! As I said, the glitters are dense and you can make it opaque in two coats. The bad point is the price, I paid 16€ in Germany for this baby ... That was a special occasion but I'm not going to get a lot of those polishes ... But I was soooo weak when I saw this one in his rack, all alone and crying ! xD

That's all for today, I hope you like it :) Please let me know ... I enjoy reading your comments ;)

Have a nice day :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge: Ending with a 4 :)

Hi dear readers !

Sorry for the lack of posts since last week, I've been very tired and slept a lot this weekend !
But yesterday I didn't miss the Stamping Challenge on Facebook, this time we had to do anything as long as the plate(s) used are ending with a 4.

I chose to use a floral pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM224 in soft colors, and here's what I did:

It's simple, but I like it. The purple is a bit more red toned in real life but my cam still doesn't like purples :(
What's your advice ?

Here's what I used:
- Two coats of Catrice Lucky in Lilac
- A tiny bit of China Glaze Tinsel sponged randomly in spots, for the bling :)
- Plate BM224 and Konad Special Polish in white
- one coat of Seche Vite

Thanks for watching and commenting :)

Have a nice day ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Collage

Hi dear readers :)

Here's the collage for my February manicures... Enjoy :)