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Friday, May 13, 2011

Essence Twins - Carrie & Mr Big

Hi everyone !

Yesterday I posted some pics of Essence Twins, and then Blogger bugged, so the post has disappear ... Luckily, the post was copied on my Facebook page, so I can copy paste it and bring it back to you :D

Here it is :)

For a long time I drooled over Essence Twins on some other nail fanatics blogs. The "Twins" consist of two polish, a base color (jelly for most of them) and a matching clear top coat filled with multi shaped glitters (small round, square and hexagonal).

In Belgium, we only have the Colour & Go and Multi Dimension from Essence's main range, we don't get the nail art things and other cool stuff. But fortunately a friend of mine brought me back some of these from Germany, and now I have those wonderful Twins <3

Carrie & Mr Big is the duo I prefered by far (but I haven't tried them all yet)
Mr Big is the base color, a bright fuchsia jelly. The first affraid me, it looked very sheer, but a second coat made it perfectly opaque. The application is a dream, and the drying time is ok.
Carrie is the bling part of the duo, it contains very thin fuchsia glitter, squared fuchsia and pale pink hexagonal glitter. The top coat dries with a pretty glossy finish.

Sorry for the tip wear, but I had to wait for the third day to take some outside pics. I hate the weather here, you put your polish in the evening thinking you'll take the pics the next day, and then it starts to rain, the sky is almost black and you can't take any good pic >< I hope the summer will be better :p

So, do you like this one ?
You may have noticed it looks like the polish on my banner picture, that one is Thelma & Louise :)

If you follow my Facebook page, you already know that, but I'm planning to make a poll here, with a little something to win for one participant. There will be no need to follow me or make a link this time, but I'll make your mind work a bit :D
Stay tuned, I hope to launch that during this weekend or next week ;)

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