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Monday, May 7, 2012

Purple Slim Slines

Hi dear readers !

Some weeks ago, I saw this great design on Pinterest and absolutely needed to give it a try. I found a link to the tutorial on The Nail Buff, tried it quickly on a tip and decided I'd do it in purple. Here's the result I got:

It's a bit messy but I love the effect. I used four polishes:
- Catrice Lavenderlicious as the base
- Catrice Plum Play With Me as the darker purple
- China Glaze Spontaneous as the medium purple
- OPI Done Out in Deco as the lightest purple, not really noticeable on my pics, I'll explain why below.
- I added one coat of Seche Vite as usual.

It's an easy technique, but it can require a lot of time. In this video tutorial made by NailsKathy, you'll see why it can be so long to create: http://youtu.be/o5CTNGcFbzg

The first polish I used, Catrice Plum Play With Me, worked really well. The China Glaze took a bit longer to form strings but it was still okay, and the OPI took an eternity to string, it almost didn't work with that one.
So before trying this technique, you should make some tests with the polishes you plan to use, in order to know what will work the best :)

Now I did it once, I want to make other color combos like shades of blues, rainbow, or try a bright color over black ... There are tons of possibilites !

What do you think ? Do you likee it ?
Will you try it yourself ?

Have a nice day :)

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