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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Claire's 3 in 1 Nail Polish

Hi dear readers !
Today I have apolish that I was very curious about when I saw it in the shop: Claire's 3 in 1 polish !
This one comes in a bottle with 3 different layers: very light lavender, purple and dark purple. There are other combos at Claire's but I chose the less eccentric for a first try, you can get them in whit/blue/red, green/yellow/blue ...

First, I didn't really know how to use that thing. It was said on the bottle not to shake it, at least that point was okay for me (well, why would I buy something layered if it needed to be shaken in one colour ? :p )
So, I just dipped the brush and apply ... Here's the result !

So, the result is a very light lavender base with some purple strokes. While I was making some tests to find the best way to apply it, I found that you get more strokes if you bend the bottle a bit when dipping the brush. Doing that, you avoid to screw the cap on the bottle each time you need some darker shade.

It needed two coats to be totally opaque. As the only interest of this polish is the strokes, I'd advise you to use a random white or light lavender polish as a base before using that Claire's :)

So, what to think about that ?
- It's fun to use. Not easy to apply, but funny ^^
- It need a little practise to have a nice result
- It's not really spectacular (at least with this combo), from far it just looks like a lavender polish.

I want to try another shade of this collection, just to know if it blends as much as this one :) Perhaps the black/fushia ... I'll let you know when I try it ;)

Have you ever tried that kind of polish ?

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