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Thursday, April 7, 2011

China Glaze - Rodeo Diva

Hi dear readers !
I hope your week is fine ! Here we now have a beautiful sun and a better weather, and of course, I'm totally ill xD I caught a cold last week and it seems like it doesn't want to get out ...

But well, let's forget that, I have a true beauty for you today !
Rodeo Fanatic is a fantastic blue with green, teal and purple undertone, depending on the light. It's not a duochrome, but the shimmer in it makes it look like the color changes :)

I really wonder why I didn't get it earlier ... It's an incredible shade for all blue polish lovers :)
And, cherry on the cake*, it has a good application, a nice shine and stays well on nails. Oh, and I'm glad to tell you that this is the first blue polish that didn't stain on my nails :p
Pics are two coats, no top coat, natural light.

This last pic shows all the pretty shimmer in it !

Rodeo Fanatic is from the fall 2008 collection Rodeo Diva. I wasn't a nail addict when it came out but luckily, it's still easy to find on the net :)

Do you like it ? Do you have other shades from this collection ? I can't wait to try my other ones, Gussied Up Green and Side-Saddle ;)

* "Cherry on the cake" is what we litterally say in french. Do you, english speaking people, use also this ? Or is there anything more common ? (I read "icing on the cake" somewhere ...)

Have a nice day :)

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