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Friday, June 1, 2012

Pretty & Polished Sand Art

Hi again :)

I promised you to show some of the Pretty & Polished I received this week, so let's start with Sand Art !

That polish was love at first sight. It's made of tiny matte glitters, like the ones you can find in Floam. In fact, the turquoise and yellow glitters from both these polishes seem to be identical, but I haven't tried Floam yet.

In Sand Art, you'll find turquoise and yellow glitters as I said, but also pink, purple and blue glitters. And it makes a really pretty combo !

As I had no idea how it would look once on the nails, I first did a base with two coats of Essie Marshmallow, but Sand Art was opaque with two coats and the base wasn't necessary (unless you want more loose glitters and apply only one coat). I topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

The application was very easy, I didn't have to clean the contours and only had one or two lost glitters on my cuticles. I was very scared of the removal but with the foil technique, it was very easy ! (in fact, one of the most easy glitter polish I had to remove, nothing was left on the nails)

I'm very glad I bought this polish, it's gorgeous, and a must have if you like that kind of glitter polish (I like to call them "Floamy polish" as Floam was the first polish of that kind I knew)

What do you think ? Do you like it ?

Oh, this post is a good occasion to show you my swatchicles for Pretty & Polished polishes I have. I've been working on my swatchicles last month, got my whole collection swatched, and I'm very glad with them, it's so easier to pick a polish now !
I'll make a post dedicated to them later, but for now here are my P&P polishes:
Sand Art, Hello Dolly, Forest Phyhre, Jawbreaker, Bayou Blitz

Have a nice day  :)

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